There are 3 options, Rental, postal delivery and hold luggage.

Rental Options

The cheapest option is to rent your bike here and forget about worries and cheap nhl jerseys malkin goal video possible damages in transport. We have several types of bikes, both road and mountain. Once selected, the bike will be set up, prepped and ready for your arrival in your selected Villa, with no time wasted picking it up. With a simple adjustment of pedals and spike we will be ready to start. We all know that there is nothing like our own bike. For this reason there are two further options, either send us your bikes by mail or cheap China jerseys carry it with you on the plane.


If you decide to have your bicycle delivered by mail, we will organise receipt of your bike.
If you wish, a mechanic will assemble and prepare your bike so that it is ready upon your arrival. If you decide to assemble it, we will provide you with all the necessary tools.
Upon your return journey, all packaging and return arrangements will be your own responsibility .

Fly with your bike

If you have decided to check your bike in as hold luggage, no problem. We are fully prepared to meet all occurrences and your transport to your hotel is equipped with a trailer with enough space to carry the necessary bicycles. In addition, you can rely fully equipped mechanics to adjust your bicycles as necessary.


Ask for an estimate

Hello we can help you in English and Spanish.